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Some Common Questions and Their Answers!

Would you like a high-tech sound system in your car without having to pay an arm and a leg? If your residence doesn’t have a separate garage to park your automobile, you have to do something to protect it from burglars. Our car audio installation experts will be happy to assist you with high-quality and affordable services. If you live in White Settlement, TX and need some straightforward answers, look no further than Extreme Audio.

  • What services do you deliver to your customers? We are the local professionals who deal with car alarm installations, audio & video installation, remote starters, radios, multimedia, train horns, and so much more. You can contact our team to install LED’s, HID’s, ProBox, LED headlights, and DD audio.

  • All these are very specific jobs. You must be very well-trained and qualified? Yes, we are. You can rely on our technicians for durable and long-lasting installations and professional advice on the selection of suitable car alarm or audio systems. We are certified technicians want to provide you with 100% satisfaction.

  • What exactly is a car audio system? In short, this is a system that allows you and your passengers to listen to music with crystal-clear sound. A standard system has an auto stereo and a receiver (or a head unit). Some drivers want just the car stereo receiver.

  • How do I choose the right unit for my automobile? This is an important decision not only from a financial point of view but also in relation to your comfort and convenience when using it. There are many different variations available. So, you will have to book an appointment for an upfront free consultation. We will speak about your needs and requirements.

  • How much does such an installation cost? Our car audio installation services and other services are very affordable and cost-effective. Not only do we offer free quotes, and we also charge attractive rates and present fantastic discounts to all our customers in White Settlement, TX.

  • Can I install an alarm system on my own? No doubt, you can find many videos on the Net about how to install an auto alarm by yourself. And while it might look simple at first, some even provide a detailed description of how all the wires and other components should be connected, we don’t really encourage DIY work because this is a very delicate job that requires special knowledge and tools. You better contact Extreme Audio for professional services with excellent results.

  • Are you open every day? Yes, every day from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm, but we are closed during the holidays.

  • What experience do your technicians have? Our company was established in 1998, so we have over 19 years of expertise in the car audio installation industry.

  • What are HID headlights? HID auto lighting is a type of lighting that uses capsules of gas instead of normal light bulbs. The light comes from an arc discharged between two closely-spaced electrodes. This discharge is sealed inside a glass capsule. So, we can replace all light bulbs with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) to receive full-output light and safety on the road. If you haven’t found your question on this page, you can reach us at (214) 597-7578.

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